The healthcare ecosystem today is more volatile and personally demanding of its leaders than ever, which raises the stakes for strategic and operating decisions small and large.


Whether you’re an integrated health system, a physician practice, a diagnostics or other medical services provider, a pharmaceutical or biotechnology pioneer, a health tech start-up, or a medical association, you’re grappling with issues that make your work a lot more complicated these days, including

  • Uncertain funding
  • More engaged patients and communities
  • Greater competitive pressures
  • Increased public and regulatory scrutiny
  • Diminished grant funding
  • Shaky physician morale
  • Scope of practice issues
  • Rising expectations among the public as to how medicine and healthcare can improve our quality of life.

As a former healthcare executive and current board member, I’m able to work with leaders who need to make decisions within these constraints, blending analysis and fact-based problem solving with mindfulness principles and practices.   In the face of uncertainty, I help them improve the odds of success through an advisory approach, the Reflective Process™, that I’ve honed through years of practice.

Some areas of recent focus include