Sector Experience

Through a range of professional and personal experiences over more than 25 years, I’ve developed an insider’s working knowledge of the mid-cap commercial and social sectors, with deep expertise in industries like healthcare, consumer electronics, and emerging technologies.

Commercial Sector

My 8-year tenure as CEO of a mid-cap laboratory accreditation company serving 20,000 customers in 90 countries gave me experience competing in global markets as a midscale enterprise subject to powerful economic forces. As I work now with start-ups, I help them leverage their stealth and agility, while preparing to operate at scale against entrenched players.

Over 20 years, I worked with market leaders, offering strategic counsel to a range of Fortune 500 companies across industries and around the world—from AT&T, IBM, Compaq, Sony, and Samsung to Merck, Eli Lily, and Glaxo SmithKline. I specialized in growth and strategic change. After working in Accenture’s pharmaceutical and technology practices, I founded the Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances group and then served as global leader of the consumer electronics practice.

I tap these diverse experiences in my work at Reflective Strategies®. These experiences have shaped my practical, actionable, and situational approach. I’ve walked in my clients’ shoes and have a visceral understanding of the day-to-day challenges of competing and winning.

Social Sector

When my long-time employer, Accenture, IPO’d, I turned my avocation as a social- sector volunteer and trustee into a vocation as a grant-maker and non-profit CEO.

As a director at the Atlantic Philanthropies, I had a unique vantage point on organized philanthropy, sector change, public-private partnerships, the role of research in achieving public policy outcomes, the power of advocacy to change people’s lives, and the inherent idiosyncrasies that guide non-profit-sector attitudes and actions.

As CEO of the College of American Pathologists, I had the opportunity to lead a social benefit enterprise with a double bottom line—to create compelling social good and generate excess earnings at the same time. I developed an insider’s understanding of the medical system and appreciation of the huge influence that emotional, political, and societal forces exert on how we access and pay for healthcare.

My insights have deepened as I’ve served on a range of social service non-profit boards, twice as chairman, while launching several national non-profits and personally funding, through my family’s foundation, programs to improve the health of at-risk families.

So I get it. As a social-sector funder, executive, and trustee, I can help clients deal with these realities. I can help them use their programs, culture, and systems to produce real income, while growing psychic income and building reserves of emotional and social capital among their stakeholders.