Working Together: Values

Fact-based, structured problem solving + clear communication + flexible support for your needs = actionable insights that amplify your advantage

  • Listening attentively and developing deep, contextual understanding before offering counsel
  • Relying on diagnostic output and facts to guide recommendations
  • Considering the circumstances surrounding the client’s situation holistically and sharing this perception to guide shared problem-solving
  • Providing rapid framing and possible ways forward (“bottom line up front”)
  • Helping to engage the leaders that management relies on to solve problems and execute strategies
  • Communicating recommendations and their rationales clearly, in a timely way
  • Cultivating open and honest dialogue, while maintaining absolute discretion and political awareness
Work Style
  • Remaining intellectually and logistically flexible as circumstances and needs change
  • Providing clear value for clients’ investment of time
  • Requesting and applying feedback to improve my client service.