Clearer choices and better decisions for healthcare, technology, and social sector innovators

I help my clients understand their choices and make better decisions across a range of business issues.  In the rapidly evolving and uncertain healthcare, technology, and social sectors this can be an especially big challenge.

When you hire an advisor–whether a lawyer, an architect, or an investment manager–you’re looking for better results than you think you could achieve on your own. 

You want someone to help you do two things: See the big picture and focus your attention on the most important things in it.  You may be looking in a mirror or out a window.

Working with clients, I start with the right questions and keep pushing until we find answers together.

An advisor can help you stand back and decide what to do because he or she has been staring a little longer, or taking a broader perspective, or observing from a slightly different angle.  Chances are good you already know what to do, but it helps to narrow the field of vision.