Testimonials from Health and Wellness Coaching Clients

Rare blend of coaching expertise spanning leadership theory to health care industry knowledge

Charles’ coaching style offers an unparalleled blend of mutual learning, directed suggestions, and practical insights. For me, what has set Charles apart from other coaches I have worked with is his first-hand knowledge of the CEO role and his broad understanding of the field of health care. He understands intimately the challenges of leadership and the needs of executives. It is relatively easy to find a coach who knows leadership theory or a consultant who understands substantive issues. But it is rare to find a person who is able to traverse substance, process, and organizational dynamics who at the same time is sensitive to the evolving health care landscape in which we are operating today.

Charles has an uncanny ability to listen to a client, diagnose a situation, and work to develop a pathway forward. I have been able to share a wide variety of pressing issues with Charles, and without fail, he has helped me to better understand how to work my way through them.

Sometimes it has been as simple as pointing out faulty assumptions or a mismatch between the goals and proposed pathways. Other times, it has been taking a step back and re-considering how to frame an issue or to understand what’s really at stake for myself and the organization. In every case, Charles has helped me convert the challenges I face into learning opportunities for personal growth.

Senior Leader, US Department of Health and Human Services

Intuitive. Responsive. Caring.

From our first coaching session, Charles helped me clarify my thoughts and draw to the surface what I really care about – all through attentive listening and compassionate reflection. He has deep expertise in a range of professional and personal arenas, and he brings that to bear in our conversations with finesse – whether navigating a major career step, exploring a shift to healthier life habits, or discussing the nuanced tactics required to effectively negotiate a politically-charged professional situation.

Charles has a knack for calling forward growth and evolution, breaking things down into realistic, achievable pieces, and cheering you on the whole way. I’ve learned so much from my work with Charles and I genuinely enjoy the process just as much as the outcomes. I see myself moving decisively towards the person I want to be through our work together.

New Senior Healthcare Executive

Paradigm Shifting

My work with Charles has been personally paradigm shifting. From the onset, Charles has listened intently and reflectively, feeding back my words in ways that have opened up a whole new level of self-awareness. Throughout the gentle identification and prioritization of goals along with the non-judgmental joint assessment of progress, Charles has brilliantly helped me examine my process. I now have the tools to approach my life and work from an additive rather than deficit perspective. Charles combines the highest level of skill, experience, integrity and innate kindness to set the stage for sustainable change.

Hospital Executive Leading Major Change Process

Life Changing

Bluntly, working with Charles has changed my life. We began the wellness coaching process when I was at a transitional phase in my career and personal life. I approached this experience with a few goals in mind. These were objectives that I had tried over the years to incorporate into my life without success. Charles assisted me in targeting specific goals that I wanted to achieve. He asked thought provoking questions that helped me clearly identify my intentions.

Using Charles’ approach, I was able to create a concrete three-month plan of lifestyle changes that I wanted to implement and to break these down into manageable weekly goals. I did stumble along the way. But each time I failed to meet my weekly goals, I felt no judgment or disappointment from Charles. He enthusiastically invited me to determine what obstacles were placed in my path and what modifications I could make the following week to achieve success. I always knew that Charles was at my side as a trustworthy advisor who would not give up on me.

In the first three months, I successfully achieved a lifestyle change that I had been trying to implement for years, to no avail. Reaching this goal has instilled a deeper confidence in me. I have more life style changes that I am working on, but I know that by continuing to work with Charles I will achieve aspirations for my life that I never thought possible. I have worked with other counselors throughout the years. Charles has shared with me insights, guidance and wisdom, that are truly unparalleled.

New Small Business Owner; Mid-career Change

Engaged. Adaptable. Reliable.

Charles engages divergent thinking, teaching the importance of relying on one’s instinct while also prompting analytical questioning—what if this, what if that. This process has allowed me to explore my strengths and weaknesses. He is reliably a content expert across many industries, shaping new personal growth opportunities from a variety of thoughts and experiences. He is dedicated to using best practices, working with past, present, and potential future issues to help craft adaptable life strategies that lead to exciting results.

Charles personalizes each meeting and dedicates his time and attention to helping me achieve my goals. I am eternally grateful for his coaching and motivation, which has enabled my personal and professional growth.

Young Professional Starting on a New Career